Sunday, May 02, 2010

If you really LOVE one another...

The following is a reflection by Mother Teresa of Calcutta - Sunday May 2, 2010, The Magnificat.

“The less we have, the more we give. Seems absurd, but it’s the logic of love.”…

True love causes pain. Jesus, in order to give us the proof of his love, died on the cross. A mother, in order to give birth to her baby, has to suffer. If you really love one another, you will not be able to avoid making sacrifices.

The poor do not need our condescending attitude or our pity. They only need our love and our tenderness.

To me, Jesus is the Life I want to life, the Light I want to reflect, the Way to the Father, the Love I want to express, the joy I want to share, the Peace I want to sow around me. Jesus is everything to me.

Faith is scarce, it is because there is too much selfishness in the world, too much egoism. Faith, in order to be authentic, has to be generous and giving. Love and faith go hand in hand…

God has created us so we do small things with great love. I believe in that great love, that comes, or should come from our heart, should start at home: with my family, my neighbors across the street, house right next door. And this love should then reach to everyone.

(Magnificat, from Mother Teresa: In My Own Words, compiled by Jose Luis Gonzales-Balado)

To expound on the underlined portion above, Jesus didn’t give us a list of do’s and don’ts in the Gospels. Rather, he gave us a way of life. (Another good reflection here.)
I also go back to yesterday and the idea of "work" as the "Gospel of Work" or our work lived as vocation.  All this provides us a glimpse into God's gift of HIS LOVE and what we are to imitate.

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