Monday, September 14, 2009

Hear Us Now, or in 2010 - You Choose

From Reason.TV (sorry about the overlap, guys)


David Nybakke said...

Sorry for shaking this report off, it just seems to me that this crowd is exactly what O is dreaming of, as taking a page from Wither's and Fairy Hardcastle's manipulation of the 'public'. One really couldn't rig up a better representation of the encounter of Edgestow/Bracton College and N.I.C.E. as these crowds at tea parties.

The thing I struggle with is that a vast majority of these citizens voted for Mr Change - it is not like he is suddenly appearing to be something that he didn't promise us before the election. We ARE getting what we voted for and by the time N.I.C.E. (that is O) is done in nearly 7 more years we really won't have the Republican or Democratic parties to choose between. (I'm neither Republican nor Democrat...I thought this line of comment was a bit hilarious. So just what are you? Tell us who or what you are facing when we see your knee bend?)

These "marches" will turn out to be lifting up O to greater and greater authority and power as we, the mass of people only know the authority and power of the secular/science world.

We have already crossed the line where the issue is much more profound yet these pleasant folk think it is all about "big" government and out-of-control spending. It is like they are acting out an article Mark Studdock has written for the advancement of the human condition.

David Nybakke said...

What I accidentally left off in my comment above was to point in a direction where salvation might be found (rather than in economics, politics or tea parties) which is admirably written on HERE.

Even Orwell, when criticizing Lewis' "That Hideous Strength" gave us our glaring idolatrous nature in mirror as he wrote: "The whole drama of the struggle against evil lies in the fact that one does not have supernatural aid".

It is interesting that no one in the crowd and certainly no reporter who is trying to give credence to the crowd would dare bring up faith or the "supernatural".

Athos said...

I think you need to let the dust settle, brother Aramis, after a first read of THS. At most, I Wun is 'Lord Feverstone' - a "big man doing big things" - and we know what happened to him.

The average American Joes and Janes at Tea Parties are NOT, I repeat not, the hoards who take over Edgestow. They have to get home, after all.

We are witnessing the ever increasing velocity of the sacrificial vortex: from the highest heights of I Wun's Oval Office to the common bloke carrying his placard at a Tea Party.

If we want to keep our feet and our wits about us, we must follow Eliot's dictum - prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action - and cling to Peter's Barque with one hand (the Blessed Sacrament and Catechism) and Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World in the other. Cheers