Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hut! Hut! HUT!

To commemorate the first Sunday of NFL coverage, two items for fans. First, the story of a super young man, Michael Oher (pronounced 'Orr'), rookie Left Tackle of the Baltimore Ravens (74). Watch for the upcoming movie version of The Blind Side (2009) of Michael's life story.

He hasn't lived long enough for a "life story?" Just wait, wait. I've read the true story. This will be the better than fiction; better than
The Natural, better than Field of Dreams. His foster mama is played by Sandra Bullock, and she nails the spirit of Michael's real foster mother.

Next, a re-post of the scary accurate passing arm of New Orleans' Drew Brees. He is a god. Watch Bree throw for the record of passing yards this year.

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