Friday, May 13, 2011

Who is your interpreter?

Do yourself a favor and click on the above heading and read about Philip.  Or go to this link and read the Road to Emmaus story.

In Mass yesterday it struck me just how important it is to know who your interpreter is.  We all have one but most of the times we have many acting in this role of interpreter for us.  Who is your interpreter right now? 

One interpreter who I hold up is Father Barron.  Give a listen to his interpretation of "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dillon.  He understands that since the cross how we interpret things has been altered.

As Jesus tells the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 12:38-42: There is something more here.  I have had to admit that in looking at what life hands me there is something more here than what I am first inclined to see.  And this way of going "deeper" is what Jesus is challenging us to experience.  He is asking us to make the connection between the interpreter(s) of our life and of course, the Author.  Who is helping you read "the something more" of your life story?

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Athos said...

This is THE question that parents of our generation need to be asking our childrens' generation, Brother Aramis. I'm not sure they will listen when asked, but in my struggling moves to conversion years ago now, I framed it to those who questioned me about my decision this way: Who are you going to trust? Who are you going to trust to tell you the Truth, pass along the Truth?

Obviously, Gil Bailie was an interpreter for most of us 4Ms, and still is. More recently, if anyone has noticed, for me Monsignor Ronald Knox has been an extraordinary interpreter / guide in a way that C. S. Lewis was for me back in my college years and early ministry days.

An excellent question, Brother Aramis!