Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Lecture or First Homily

Seminarian Philip Johnson from Deacon Watkins on Vimeo.
From Father Z

In the past I have asked for prayers for, Philip Johnson, a seminarian with an inoperable brain tumor.
A reader alerted me to a video of a talk that he gave at Catholic High School called St. Thomas More Academy, in Raleigh, NC.
He covers four major points:
1. His conversion story. Not being a great Catholic in High School. Looked forward to fraternities and parties in college. Ultimately went to the Naval Academy. It was there that he went to Mass again and began feeling called to the priesthood. He explains this call and talks about time he spent in France, especially at Lourdes.
2. His vocation story which is ultimately intertwined with his cancer diagnosis and being released from the Navy.
3. Being diagnosed with a terminal and inoperable brain tumor and reacting to this news.
4. Embracing this cross and talking about the value of redemptive suffering.
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