Monday, December 31, 2007

Girard and von Balthasar

From Gil Bailie at his Reflections on Faith and Culture:
A friend who knew the great Catholic theologian Henri de Lubac recalls that, late in life, de Lubac remarked that, if he were young and beginning his theological work again, he would begin with René Girard.
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Athos said...

My first IBM PC (black screen, green letters, 51/2" floppy) had a delightful little button called "Reveal Code." Whenever and however Bailie harkens back to Girard's influence and work, it always seems like that same little button to me: Reveal Code regarding the primitive Sacred and human culture ... that is, everything about us that needs saving, redeeming, rescuing by an "External Mediator."

Great post by you and Bailie, Aramis!

David Nybakke said...

Agreed on Bailie.

For me, I feel a need to loop back and study more of Raymund Schwager as he had been such an added voice to this study.

A key word of study this year, I feel, is reciprocity. I remember hearing a talk of Girard saying that was something he was going to spend more time on.